Hi, I'm Sara

I am a Pittsburgh based wedding photographer going into my fifth wedding season. Now, these "about me" things are not my jam so I will keep it short and sweet and you can get to know the real (crazy) me in person; I prefer the face-to-face interactions anyway!

What I enjoy most about being a wedding photographer is capturing the memorable parts of your special day. Of course, I will photograph your dress hanging in all of it's glory, the pretty details, and all of the sweaty dancing but what is important to me are the moments that deserve to be frozen in time...dancing with your Grandma, the tough guy Dads tearing up when you are walking down the aisle, and Mom putting her wedding jewelry on you for the best day of your life.

If you've managed to get to this point, I'm assuming you are somewhat interested in what I enjoy to do in my free time. I have two priorities in my life. Food and sleep. If you like food and you like to nap, we will probably get along and I will talk your ear off about both. I love the outdoors, traveling, and my house plants and some days I try to figure out whether I'm 28 or 75.


Emily & Rumane

“Sara is amazing! Highly recommend! I filtered through a lot of Pittsburgh photographers and when I came across her work I just thought it was beautiful! I particularly love how her photos are warm & bright with a very natural quality. And she’s not afraid to embrace some fun color & patterns! She captured so many of the most special moments of our big day (and the hilarious ones too!)

Sara is very personable, laid back & easy going (i.e. exactly the kind of energy you want on your wedding day).”

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